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Our History 

          Seuda Foods Inc. our parent company, was established in 1970 by Nathan Mezrahi as a food take out establishment and catering company. Seuda Foods provides  its vast customers with  gourmet food, specializing in middle eastern delicacies. Over the past 50 years, Seuda Foods has become a household name to many.   The name "Seuda" became synonyms with the high quality food products. Seuda today  continues to operate and serve its many customers. It also serves as a research  and development center with real customer feed back, for our wholesale company.

          After much demand to wholesale our popular beef appetizers, Global Appetizers Inc. was launched.


          We are pleased to bring to market our premium hors d'oeuvre and appetizers, from our own state of the art USDA facility in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Global Appetizers is committed to continue the legacy of our parent company Seuda Foods, Inc.

Our Mission

          As caterers and running a successful retail food business  we know what its like to find a product to serve that you will be proud when your guest indulge. The market is full of various appetizers but very few are of quality. For years we have been forced to produce almost every one of our menu options in house to insure they met our standards. Global Appetizers Inc. was born with just that in mind!


          You no longer have to spend time and resources, we are here for just that!  You can finish off our product with minimal work and serve it fresh to your customers.  We are sure they will rave from our products. Most of our appetizers first get tested in our retail catering department at Seuda Foods Inc. it is only after we see a strong wave of repeat customers we know we are ready to offer it to you!


          We continue to monitor the superb quality through continuous direct sales to our local customers who line up weekly at our retail store to purchase our appetizers for their personal enjoyment. With just one taste you will appreciate what we are here for!

Core Values

          At Global Appetizers, only the best will do. We pride ourselves  with using  only the finest quality ingredients, pure beef and many homemade doughs. Never any fillers. Only authentic true flavors, the way it should be!

          Kashrus is never taken lightly.  We are certified Glatt Kosher by the

Star K and the Orthodox Union (OU).

The Tarnopol Bes Din certifies us as well that we meet their kosher standards  and that all our beef is Chalak Beis Yosef, the bishul is in accordance with Shitas Beis Yosef as well and our products are Yoshon (unless marked otherwise).





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